[Quinn] You’re So Lucky to Have Me

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This week survivor Quinn shares her story.

Content Warning: This episode includes descriptions of sexual and emotional abuse of minors.

Something Was Wrong’s theme song was originally composed by Glad Rags and is covered this season by Kenna and the Kings.

Support and listen to Kenna and the Kings on Spotify, YouTube and check out their albums!


  • RAINN – The National Sexual Assault Online HotlineIf you’re in need of support, please contact RAINN – the United States largest anti-sexual violence organization at 1-800-656-4673 (HOPE) online.rainn.org free and confidential, 24/7.

  • SOSA – Safe From Online Sex Abuse: SOSA offers free resources such as webinars, workshops, and school presentations, SOSA provides compassion-led education to young people, as well as caretakers and other responsible adults to help the community stay proactive when it comes to the safety of minors. In addition to working with law enforcement and technology experts to help consumer internet brands recognize and respond in real-time to harmful and hateful content on their platforms.